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During the Netherlands bourgeois revolution seven northern provinces of the Netherlands in persistent fight managed to win a victory and to create the state advanced the then — bourgeois Republic of the United Provinces (Holland).

Near this show-window the armor which appeared in the XVI century is exposed ("maksimilianovskiya" — allegedly invented by the German emperor Maksimilian). The corrugated surface of plates giving to armor big) durability, mobile connection of an armor with a helmet. Reduction of weight and other improvements promoted a wide circulation of these new arms.

On scales and value of collections in one row with the Hermitage can be put only the British museum in London and Louvre in Paris. The Hermitage is the amazing world full of miracles. And everyone can find there that is necessary for his soul. Really rare unity: collections of so high level, beauty of an architectural frame, relevancy of historical associations – all this attracts to itself people, making bright, unique feature of today's Hermitage.

With the greatest completeness the first-class works presented in the Hermitage works of the last great painter of Spain of the XVII century - Bartolomé Esteban Murilyo (1618 – 16 Not incidentally I.E. Repin spoke about that. that it is necessary to study Murilyo in Prado and in the Hermitage.

The value of collections is clear for visitors of the museum. However, everyone finds for itself(himself) those works and works which are for it the most significant. It is impossible to create objective gradation of exhibits on the importance. It will always be subjective.

It is possible to tell that in the Hermitage there are 7 big departments of cultural history of the different countries, and also a number of constantly operating exhibitions. However, along with constants, the Hermitage brings to attention of visitors the temporary exhibitions which are periodically organized in the museum.

The cheerfulness inherent in Titian's talent was brightly shown in his pictures on mythological subjects. Several times the artist addressed to the Greek myth about Danaye, having created the pictures close according to the contents and composition.

Artists of Flanders and Holland played an outstanding role in development of the European painting of the XVII century. The culture and art of these two states formed at the end of the XVI century during the Netherlands bourgeois revolution and the subsequent division of the Netherlands endured the period of the highest blossoming.

At my visits of the Hermitage I hurry in department of history of the West European art. This department exists in the Hermitage from the moment of foundation of the museum. Its collections use an international recognition and total about six hundred thirty thousand exhibits – works of painting and a sculpture, engravings and drawings.

In a picture two light spots - a face and hands. But with what surprising depth, force, unprecedented to Rembrandt, and expressiveness these faces and hands written in the courageous generalized dabs draw to us a difficult, many-sided image in which the whole human life is reflected.

It is possible to get acquainted with the Hermitage differently. It is possible to study halls of all five buildings of the Hermitage, it is possible to study art over the countries. I suggest to get acquainted with this remarkable museum, traveling on my favourite halls.