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By drawing up the business plan also difficulty proanalizarovana which domestic businessmen in the business activity face were opened. In the presence of effective planning at the enterprise and the business plan in particular there is an opportunity for the management more precisely to define a contribution of the personnel in achievement of the production and social purposes.

But consumer values change over time. Therefore the should watch closely action of the and to study needs of the market for aviaservices, trying to in new market niches and to find new segments of the market. Competition conditions consist in it.

Each airline provides the supreme value thanks to close connection with the clients, air passengers, and also by the adaptation of the services to needs of target clients. Well, for example, tourists, hunters, scientific expeditions, businessmen with charter freights.

According to the concept of marketing, success that airline which will create the supreme consumer value and which the consumer better, than competitors will achieve. Therefore ­ it is insufficiently simple to adapt raze services to needs of the concrete market. They have to achieve strategic advantage, the services so that to consumers they seemed more attractive, than proposals of competitors.

Big firms and the enterprises develop long-term strategy which would allow to react to the changing conditions of the market quickly. Each firm has to find the style of work which is best considering specifics of conditions, opportunities and resources.