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The size of inductance of a throttle gets out so that the variable component of current was not grounded via the power supply, and the size of blocking capacity – so that the collector of the VT1 transistor on alternating current was grounded.

The amplifier has a stock on strengthening 5db, it is necessary in order that in case of deterioration, owing to any reasons, parameters of separate elements the coefficient of transfer of the amplifier did not fall below the set level determined by the specification.

The method of calculation of the scheme is identical provided in point 3 with only that feature that is present, apparently from drawing, resistance in a collector chain. This resistance is part of the correcting chain and calculation is described in point

At design of any amplifier the main difficulty is ensuring the set strengthening in a working strip of frequencies. In this case the strip of frequencies makes 400-800 MHz. Taking into account that intensifying properties of transistors considerably worsen with growth of frequency, development of the device with raising of AChH at such frequencies is a difficult task.

We will carry out calculation of the amplifier recognizing that distortions are distributed as follows: output KTs-1 of dB, the output cascade from intercascade KTs-5 of dB, the entrance cascade from entrance KTs-5 of dB. Thus, the maximum unevenness of AChH of the amplifier will not exceed 3 dB.

– rated rather output resistance of the VT1 transistor the entrance resistance of the cascade on the VT2 transistor, equal to parallel inclusion of entrance resistance of the transistor and resistance of a basic divider.