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Cv for school projects

At calculation of IDDI can be considered or all capital investments for the settlement period, including investments in replacement of the leaving fixed assets, or only initial capital investments which are carried out before input of the enterprise operation (the corresponding indicators, of course, will have various values).

Indicators of commercial effectiveness of the project in general financial consequences of its implementation for the commercial structure realizing it and are defined in the assumption that all expenses, for implementation of the project, are made at the expense of its means.

Internal standard of profitability (other names — VND, internal norm of discount, internal standard of profitability, Internal Rate of Return, IRR). In a widespread case of the SP beginning with (investment) expenses and having positive ChDD, the number Ev, if is called as internal standard of profitability:

ChD and ChDD characterize excess of total monetary receipts over total expenses for this project respectively without account and with non-equivalence of effects (and also the expenses, result relating to timepoints.

Efficiency of the project in general is subdivided on (social and economic) and commercial. Indicators of public efficiency of the project consider the consequences of implementation of the project assuming cost measurement for the considered public system, including expenses and results in adjacent areas, in the assumption that all results of the investment project are used by this public system and at the expense of its resources all expenses necessary for implementation of the project are made.

For the analysis of projects use the schedule of ChDD =f (E). The schedule — nonlinear dependence, crosses axis X in VND point, and axis Y - in a point to the equal sum of all elements of not discounted cash flow (including the size of initial investments). For extraordinary streams can have some points of intersection.

The most important indicator of efficiency of the project is the net income (other names - ChDD, integrated effect, Net Present Value, NPV) — the saved-up discounted effect for the settlement period.

Along with them exist also the "" principles, to be exact — rules according to which separate evaluation stages or are considered separate circumstances, specific to the specific project. Such rules sometimes based on practical experience, sometimes concretizing the general principles in relation to a certain situation in case of a are stated at the description of the corresponding stages of calculation.

- the current internal standard of profitability (the current VN defined as such number of VND(K) that at norm of discount E = VND(K) the size ChDD(K) addresses in 0, at all great values E — it is negative, at all smaller values E — it is positive.

the developer of the project has to understand whenever possible the purposes and interests of the participant and to prove advantage of his participation in the project those indicators which these purposes and interests. It is best of all if he simply coordinates the relevant system of indicators with participants.