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Unfortunately, in public consciousness there lives the opinion that time not a, we go by capitalism. Besides development of a private, strengthening of processes of social differentiation in society are strong arguments in favor of the specified conclusion. But already the mistake consisting in an identification of the market and relations is concluded here. It is known that the market relations before capitalism, at the same time they existed and in the conditions of "" capitalism of the XIX century and exist in the developed countries today. Transition to the market relations does not mean, what society is constructed. As it was already told, alternative character of a transitional economy does possible diverse options of its development. But this choice cannot but consider real traditions of social development. And they are nowadays that that testify about gradual Faure. mirovaniya on new, post-industrial, base and new, "", societies.

The second stage — it, first of all, transformation of relations of production, implementation of privatization, privatization and a of economy (that is transformation administrative ­ economies in market), and not only formal their, but also imposing of effective functioning of the enterprises in of new owners. These processes began at the first stage of a transition period, and their end and providing an effective too requires some years. In other words, the second stage can go beyond the first not much more.