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Direct investments assume direct, without intermediaries, financing of the enterprises by the investor. For example, in the USA to a half of all citizens are shareholders of these or those companies, i.e. directly finance real sector.

It especially is important because in fact the stock market is the market of expectations: the main thing not a situation with the described factors, and the direction and intensity of its change. The hope for success is, as a rule, more important than the success.

Thanks to that the infrastructure including a network of registrars and depositaries, the exchanges, broker companies and means of information support was created rather late, she at once was guided by the most modern technologies.

The stock market is part of the financial market and in the conditions of the developed market economy carries out a number of the major macro - and microeconomic functions. It is possible to allocate the following main functions of securities market. Their six:

To the same result also the huge ogosudarstvlennost of economy and the social sphere, absence of base for economic and, as a result, personal independence (lack of personal property to the earth, on real estate and fixed assets conducted; limitation of the personal income and financial resources which could be in property; the loss by families of the saved-up property happening each 25-30 years; restriction of mobility labor resource.

Growth of institutional investors which include insurance companies, pension funds and institutes of collective investment. About 40% of the main financial richness of the world fall to their share and they act as the most important suppliers of portfolio capital investments in the world. However in the majority of the western countries there is a total ban or serious restrictions on implementation by institutional investors of investments into securities with the raised degree of risk are securities not of an investment class. (9, 1

Change in consciousness of the population in relation to own business, education, career; emergence of the younger generation, at which absolutely a different view on the place in this world and a way of achievement of strong situation in society.