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For arrangement of a terrarium it is necessary to make a green hedge of branches or artificial of improvised material. If there is an opportunity to place live plants in a terrarium it will be better. Try to choose plants to match of the mantis. In spite of the fact that the dominating color at mantises green, in the nature also the yellow meet.

The mantis ambushing during hunting does imperceptible not only him a motionless pose, but also shape of a body and coloring. Among mantises the types living on trees and reminding bark on appearance meet; others have a rhabdoid form. Various cases of imitation of lichens, leaves or flowers are observed.

At most of mantises both couples wings, and forward narrower and more dense are well developed; they carry out function of wing sheaths. Back wings wide, webby, in a quiet state develop fanlikely and are covered with wing sheaths.

Coloring of a body usually has protective character. Within the same look the individuals differing on color can meet. However, sitting in an innocent pose, the mantis does not doze and sharp-sightedly looks out, whether any insect who he can master will come nearer, and carefully starts creeping to him.

The female is always more more thickly than a male. And during the marriage period the female right after pairing devours the lover, and so there is every time. Here it should be noted that for all the life the female can arrive so with a male about seven times.

In a forward foot of the mantis the basin is strongly extended: it is a little shorter than a hip. The hip long and on bottom edge is seated by 3 rows of strong thorns. The shin is shorter than a hip and on bottom edge too is seated by 3 rows of strong thorns. The hip and a shin, develop together, form the powerful hvatatelny device functioning as scissors.

Paunch at mantises extended, 10-chlenikovy, soft, usually slightly, with numerous long tsekrka. Such structure of a body of the mantis visually testifies to very thin adaptations to a predatory way of life which is conducted by these insects.

From a nest of lazius to a young osinka that grows on the fringe of the forest, steps twenty five. Between an ant hill and trees it was stretched the real ant highway: a narrow streamlet no more than one and a half centimeters, ants in both parties stream. It is possible to think that some dark, slightly moving tape lies between blades.

At the movement the mantis is shaken, but he always keeps forward feet in the bent state. At last, having snatched an opportunity, he grabs the victim with the tenacious feet, brings to a mouth and quietly starts devouring. And the mantis starts devouring the victim always from one place, around a joint of the head and a body.

Ants run, however, and there, and back with empty jaws. But even without magnifying glass it is visible: the ant running towards a tree it is simple as an ant, anything special, and here at his colleague running towards, the paunch is filled with transparent liquid. It is inflated so that dark segments dispersed, the plenochka between them stretched to the full, and the paunch, huge and round, appears through through. As though in an ant pumped liquid some.

I think that mantises will eat willingly and fodder crickets. Mantises are very gluttonous and during the life eat a huge number of insects. So, the larva of a male of the wood mantis (Hierodula tenuidentata) in 85 days of the development ate 147 alfalfa plant louses, 41 fruit front sight and 266 room flies.

Scientists claim that where the ant vanishes in the wood, the whole complex of useful insects disappears. Small soil vertebrata perish. The grass cover worsens. Sharply the quantity of insectivorous birds decreases. Resilience of plantings sharply decreases, their gain falls. The wood degrades.

Bogomolovye - mainly large insects with the extended body of a peculiar structure. Their very mobile head with big prominent eyes has almost triangular form and by the oral device of the gnawing type is directed down and a little back.