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In our thinking representation for the present dominates that the state has to compensate consequences of liberalization of the prices completely, and with an advancing in time. Thus does not undertake in attention that such actions only, would reproduce inflation, even strengthening it.

Important link of social protection of the population are programs of employment and retraining At introduction of these programs participate the state and businessmen. Annually American firms want about 30 billion dollars on these measures. The state spends the most part of funds for implementation of programs of retraining.

In world practice indexation is carried out through such period as quarter or half a year In some spheres of an extra charge to a salary are made on a sliding scale: in case of increase of a price index on in advance determined number of points or percent - at the determined, in good time stipulated size also the salary increases.

This problem is exclusively difficult already that mentions foundations of the former economic system excluding unemployment, in any case, not hidden by involvement of excess workers. It is important to note that unemployment which we start facing now, is connected not with technical progress or crisis of overproduction as it happens cyclically in market economy, and to the factors caused by deep deformations in the previous development of a national economy.

From here, naturally, follows, and we now should face it directly, but also absolute deterioration of provision of separate categories of the population, before all of what income is fixed.

At the same time definition "a social market economy" is often identified with the concept "socially oriented market". Whether it is lawful? It is thought that quite. Especially, if to consider that adequacy of the purposes and ways of their achievement is the cornerstone of such sinonimichnost.

The most general criteria of poverty are unemployment and inflation which level characterize poverty degree. The total size of these indicators in the USA is called as "a wretchedness index". So, if the index of unemployment makes 2%, and an inflation index - 1000%, "a wretchedness index" - 1002%.

Overcoming the become obsolete stereotypes, it is necessary to realize that the mixed economy represents not some chaotic heap in practice and eclectic connection in the theory of especially "capitalist" and "socialist" forms, and appears in the form of dialectic unity of the forms of ownership and ways of housekeeping which sustained check by world practice on competitiveness.

It is necessary to consider that payments as indexation the insignificant share of total income of workers has to have nevertheless. In an opposite situation conditions for fading of the stimulating payment role on work and on the created cost are created, indexation of the income oversteps the reasonable limits of the main function - social protection. At the same time it is necessary to recognize that, of course, and at a stage of formation of the market (and it cannot be more difficult, than that in which the market was already quite created) it is impossible to allow sharp falling of a standard of living of people at least already for especially economic reasons. The market needs the active consumer deprived of means of livelihood a layer to it is contraindicated.

Such situation forms base for structural unemployment, characteristic for our transformed economy. And the speech here, obviously, goes about process not only difficult and painful, but also very long as elimination of deep structural distortions in short terms is unreal. However, and this elimination will not remove an unemployment problem completely. The last will only take shape, characteristic for the mature market environment in which release of workers happens first of all under the influence of the realized offers of scientific and technical progress and an intensification of production.